Dangers of binge eating

Dangers of Binge Eating Are Serious

Whenever you’ll hear the word binge eating, the first thing that comes to the mind of most of the people is overeating. People associate overeating with binge eating and think that anyone with this disorder just keeps eating. While some other people associate this disorder as rapid weight gain. That’s obvious, like if someone is eating a lot, definitely, he’s going to gain weight rapidly. Dangers of binge eating disorder are under this article discussion.

Dangers of Binge Eating Disorder:

The dangers of binge eating disorder can rapidly increase with time if the sufferer isn’t getting proper medication at time. The problems this disorder takes with it are categorized into two parts i.e. emotional and physical.

Effects of Binge Eating Disorder:

The problems that occur in each group are dependent upon the severity of the disorder. Here below are the effects of binge eating disorder categorized.

Emotional Symptoms:

The symptoms that’ll occur on the emotional side if you’re suffering from this disorder are as follows.

  1. Worthlessness:

The sufferer may feel like no one wants or likes him and he’s useless in this world. This feeling is terrible and can kill a person from inside.

  1. Depression:

The victim will suffer from constant depression because of this disorder. We all know how depression kills happiness from one’s life.

  1. Lonely:

When someone will feel worthless, he’ll definitely feel lonely and think that he has got nothing to do in this world. He spends most of the time alone in depression. All this depression and loneliness can even lead to suicide.

  1. Low self-esteem:

Their self-esteem doesn’t remain the same as before.

Physical Dangers of Binge Eating Disorder-Symptoms:

Now, I’m going to let you know the physical dangers of binge eating disorder. The health issues that can occur physically to the sufferer of binge eating disorder are as follows.

  1. Heart diseases:

Different types of heart diseases can occur.

  1. High cholesterol:

This is also a major problem seen in many cases. We all know that high cholesterol often leads to heart attack.

  1. Hypertension:

Another problem that occurs physically is hypertension.

  1. Digestive complications:

It is obvious that if one will eat too much, it would be difficult for him to digest all that huge quantity of food.

  1. Diabetes:

The sufferers of this disorder may also suffer from diabetes.

  1. Cancer:

In the most severe cases of this problem, cancer is also seen. So, all those people who consider this disease a joke must open their eyes now.

  1. Joint pain

Due to excessive weight gain, joint pain is a common problem that could be seen in most of the victims. Their body isn’t capable of holding and moving with that huge weight.

So, these were few of the physical dangers of binge eating disorder. Most of these are harmful effects of binge eating disorder.

The dangers of binge eating disorder can be uncountable when it comes to mood as there mood totally depends upon their condition which keeps changing.


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