Heart Murmur in children

Heart Murmur in children Can Be Common

Problem of heart murmur in children is common. This article is to spread awareness about this problem.It isn’t a serious problem for your child and won’t do much harm, if your child is born without any kind of genetic abnormalities. Also, if during pregnancy there wasn’t any exposure of your child to drugs and alcohol or Down’s syndrome.

Fit one thing in your mind and it is that you don’t need to be panic if your child has born with heart murmur. The same thing should be followed in every field of life. The reason to this is that when we start getting panic, we even turn right things into wrong. Think what you’re supposed to do next while being calm if your child has any kind of disease.

The first thing you’ll have to figure out is the kind of heart murmur your child is born with. You can research about it on the internet too but first of all visit the doctor. The treatment options your doctor will prescribe are what you should follow for your child.

Heart Murmur is Dangerous in Infants:

Heart murmur in infants dangerous or not? The answer to this question is simple. Excess of anything is dangerous and same is what goes here. Heart murmurs are of two types i.e. innocent and abnormal. Your child will move further in life by getting over the innocent type of this disease. Innocent heart murmur doesn’t put your child to any kind of serious damage.

The abnormal type of this disease can be really dangerous just like other diseases. A hole in the heart at birth is the cause of this one. Heart murmur in infants common? Yeah, it is the most common in them.

Symptoms of Heart Murmur in Children:

The symptoms of abnormal heart murmur in child are that he won’t be able to continuously bottle feed without stopping his breathe, inability to thrive and grow, a bluish tint to the lips if the fault is that more than enough blood is backing up in the heart.

Some other symptoms of heart murmur in child include enlarged liver which can be terribly painful. Neck veins are also enlarged in many cases. Plus sudden weight gain and shortness of breath could be seen.

Heart Murmur Baby What to do??

Heart murmur baby what to do? If your child is suffering from an abnormal heart murmur then, the doctor will refer him to cardiac specialist. There are number of ways according to which the cardiac specialist will classify your child’s disease level. According to loudness or intensity, your child’s heart murmur is calculated by the specialist from 1-6.

It is obvious that it would be damn too difficult to hear the grade 1 heart murmurs. On the other hand, hearing heart murmurs with greater grades is easier for the specialist.

The cardiac specialist will prescribe the suitable medications according to your child’s problem in order to control the symptoms.


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