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What is Cerebral Palsy??

Most of you don’t know that what is cerebral palsy and that’s the reason you’re here. We’ve always tried our best to clear your confusions through our site’s posts. So, a neuromuscular disorder that is non-continuous and causes terrible disabilities throughout the life. Now, you might have got answer of your question that what is cerebral palsy.

What is cerebral palsy?

This condition appears in young children and the major reason to this is brain damage during delivery. This isn’t the only reason of this disorder as some pathological conditions are also the reason of it. Those conditions in the intrauterine life are an important reason of cerebral palsy. There isn’t a single neurological problem but still while being multiple, these aren’t continuous.

Do you know the ratio that how many people estimated suffer from this condition? This problem is in 2 people per 100 births which is quite shocking.

Here below are some more answers of the question that what is cerebral palsy caused by.

1) Several infections during delivery.

2) If the brain is injured during the process of delivery.

3) If there’s complication in forceps delivery then, this problem can occur too.

4) If the supply of oxygen during delivery to the baby is short.

Traits of cerebral palsy:

Treats of this disorder aren’t same in all the babies. The reason to this is that the symptoms depend upon the damage that has been done to the brain during delivery. There would be severe lesions if the damage done during delivery was terrible. On the other hand, if things were slightly wrong during delivery, the traits will be slight too.

Minimal cases:

The cases where there were just little things wrong during the delivery which resulted in slight damage to the brain, children would be having mild disability. 20% of the cerebral palsy cases are minimal.

Moderate cases:

One the other hand, there are almost 50% cases of this disorder where the traits are moderate too.

Severe cases:

The cases where huge damage was done to the brain at the time of delivery are known as severe cases of cerebral palsy. Almost 30% of the cases of this disorder are severe. The children who are suffering from this case are completely dependent on others to take care of them.

What is cerebral palsy disability?

Many of you would be thinking that what is cerebral palsy disability? So, here below are the abnormal findings in this disease.

1) Drooling of saliva.

2) Partial or total paralysis.

3) Abnormal neonatal reflexes.

4) Mental retardations which can be slight to severe.

5) Either partial loss of hearing or complete loss of this function.

6) The ability to speech can get affected.

7) In some cases, abnormal movements can be seen.

8) In some children, convulsions are seen.

9) The process of swallowing doesn’t remain the same as before. It becomes hard to swallow things even the saliva.

10) Tremors with typical movements.


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