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Benefits of Fish Oil for Fitness and Health

Crucial fatty acids are required by our body and that’s why they must be a part of our daily routine. This article is about sharing benefits of fish oil that contains those fatty acids. The division of essential fatty acids is into two groups i.e. omega-6 EFAS and omega-3 EFAS. Today, I’ll let you know about the benefits of fish oil.

Sources of Omega-6 EFAS and Omega-3 EFAS

Omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils. On the other hand, omega-3 EFAs can be easily found in fish oils. No doubt, omega-3 EFAs can also be found in marine plankton, flaxseed oils and walnut.

A study was carried out in 1970s to find out the reason that why Greenland Eskimos that why they rarely suffer from heart diseases and the biggest reason for this was their high-fat diet (mainly composed of fish).

Benefits of Fish Oil

Intake of fish oil has some amazing benefits and some of those are as follows.

Benefits of fish Oil for men

Omega-3 is referred to as a good fat and I’ve mentioned earlier that fish oil is a great source of omega-3.  Here below are the benefits of fish oil for men.

  • Reducing Inflammation

We all know that inflammation causes soreness in the joints, chronic pain and many other issues. If you want to reduce the inflammation, then you must give a try to fish oil. Omega-3 helps you to recover faster as it reduces the inflammation.

  • Supporting Fat Loss

Omega-3 is a good fat and that’s the reason it supports fat loss and improves your body composition. But for that you’ll have to make a healthy diet by the suggestions of a dietitian.

These are not the only benefits of fish oil for men as I’ve mentioned just few of those.

Benefits of Fish Oil for Skin and Hair

Here below are some of the benefits of fish oil for skin and hair.

Omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing the symptoms of rosacea and inflamed capillaries. It also reduces those red blotchy patches on your skin. These are some great benefits of omega-3 fish oil for skin.

Fish oil makes your hair shinier and stronger. Omega-3 helps to remove dryness from the skin and we know that the dryness makes our skin itchy and full of dandruff.

Benefits of Fish Oil during Pregnancy

Here below are some of the benefits of fish oil during pregnancy.

The fetus uses omega-3s for its nervous system development and hence, the dietary deficiency of omega-3 can really result terribly. Another benefit of fish oil is that they are used after birth to make breast milk. In-short omega-3 has great positive effects on the pregnancy itself.

Makes Heart Healthier

We all know that our heart is one of the most important parts of our body and that’s the reason we must focus on its health. So, intake of fish oil has some great benefits in making our heart healthier.

Consult Your Nutritionist Now

Now, you may have got a better idea about the benefits of fish oil. So, don’t waste time and consult your nutritionist and ask him about the fish intake that is suitable per your age and other conditions.


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