Beer Hangover Home Remedies

Beer Hangover Home Remedies vs Liquor before Beer

You might have always compared beer hangover vs liquor hangover and combined several answers in your mind. So, the wait is over as now you’re going to read the reality of beer hangover vs liquor hangover. The first thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that a beer hangover is not at all different than a hangover you get from mixed drinks. The reality is that all what matters is how much you drink. This article is to share some good beer hangover home remedies.

Mixed drinks are generally made in order to taste sweet and so, the drinker finds it so amazing that he accidentally drinks more than what he thought and the results are a nasty hangover. The biggest contributor to your hangover is the sugar in the mixed drinks. You know that beer isn’t sweet at all and that’s the only one thing that makes the drinker think if he’s supposed to drink again or not. Now, I’m going to tell you something that some of you might have never heard before and it is that one beer equals 1.5 ounces of all the hard stuff and 5 ounces of wine.

Beer Hangover Home Remedies

The next morning after you party, your stomach doesn’t lets you eat breakfast.  So, you might be looking for some great beer hangover home remedies. At that time, something bland like saltine crackers can be the life saver for you. Your stomach will say thank you because of the saltine crackers and the saltine crackers also help settle any nausea you may be feeling. Stay away from milk. If you’re thirsty, drink water. Pop or coffee is also good but only take small sips at a time plus, just one or two cups. Today, you’ve to concentrate on hydration instead of going for caffeine as it is dry.

One the other hand, if want to get rid of headache which you’re having because of the beer hangover, do not take pills on an empty stomach. That’s the time when you’ll have to take the saltine crackers as I’ve mentioned above. By this, your stomach will not get irritated by the medical pills.

Beer Hangover Tips

Right after fixing up yourself with a couple of crackers and also something to sip on, make sure that you go back to bed once again for a long sleep. These beer hangover tips will help you a lot and all such things are an important part of the beer hangover home remedies. After waking up the second time, make sure that you’re consuming some sort of sports drink. On the other hand, if you’re not having a sport drink, go for water.

Even after completing the above thing, you won’t be able to run for a marathon as you won’t have much energy in your body. So, you’ll have to rest this day and avoid cooking by yourself. Try to order some healthy food from the outside instead of cooking by your own. The reason to this is that you’re supposed to focus more on resting.


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