Alcohol and Hypoglycemia

Link between Alcohol and Hypoglycemia??

Link between alcohol and hypoglycemia:

The link between alcohol and hypoglycemia is that alcohol can be a huge contributor to hypoglycemia. You must know that alcohol exactly behaves like the other processed carbs after you ingest them. Alcohol converts into simple sugars and right after that your body has to counteract with the insulin. We all know that insulin lasts longer in our body than the sugar does. As a result, there are more chances of having a low blood sugar incidence. That’s the relationship between alcohol and hypoglycemia.

The numbers for normal blood sugar are from 70mg/dl 110mg/dl. At what time one is considered to be having low blood sugar? So, one is considered to be having low blood sugar when he falls below 70mg/dl. If this happens to you only once or twice then, you don’t need to be worried as this can happen to anyone on depending on the diet. On the other hand, if this happens continuously for a long period then, you’ll have to consult with your doctor about this problem.

Experiencing low blood sugar every day isn’t something to be ignored and that’s the reason you’ll have to consult with your doctor about this. You’ll have to tell the doctor about your daily food intake and also he’ll ask you about your consumption of alcohol and hypoglycemia incidences.

Alcohol and hypoglycemia symptoms:

Alcohol and hypoglycemia symptoms vary time to time and that’s the reason you’re not supposed to experience all of these at the same time. The symptoms of mild to moderate hypoglycemia are chills, nausea, nervousness, rapid heart rate, blurry vision, irritability, clammy skin, hunger, sweating, trouble walking, confusion, unsteadiness and anxiousness. On the other hand, severe hypoglycemia symptoms include coma, consciousness, seizures and even death. Alcohol and hypoglycemia symptoms might have gave you an idea that it is not a matter of laughing.

Quitting alcohol and hypoglycemia:

Quitting alcohol and hypoglycemia isn’t something impossible. Drinking alcohol on daily basis or in a huge quantity can put you into severe diseases. Plus, if you’ve became an addict of alcohol then there are chances that you’re going to destroy your life. Quitting alcohol and hypoglycemia is the only way then to save your life. As I mentioned earlier that quitting alcohol and hypoglycemia isn’t something impossible and if you want to change your life, you’ll have to do that.

On the other hand, if you think that it is almost impossible for you, there are rehabilitation centers that’ll help you in the process of quitting alcohol and hypoglycemia.

Can alcohol cause hypoglycemia in non-diabetics??

Alcohol can for sure cause hypoglycemia in non-diabetics. Everything we have mentioned above is what is happening to the non-diabetics who’re addicted to alcohol. So, the answer to the question that can alcohol cause hypoglycemia in non-diabetics is yes.

alcohol and hypoglycemia in diabetics:

On the other hand, if one is already diabetic and is taking anti-diabetic agents as the meditation or has to inject insulin every day then alcohol is the worst enemy for him. If you are consuming alcohol then your meditations for diabetes can also harm you too much.


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