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Best Home Remedies For Ear Infections

In medical terms, an ear infection is called ‘otitis media’. Ear infections are a common issue and especially they’re quite common in the children. Today, we’ll let you know the best home remedies for ear infections. Natural ear infection cure is possible. This is what we’ll share today which are the best home remedies for ear infections.

Ear infections are common in children but this doesn’t means that adults don’t suffer from them. We’re just letting you know about the ratio of this type of infections between children and adults. It’s quite shocking that some adults suffer from frequent ear infections every few days. This article will let you know the causes and symptoms along with best home remedies for ear infections.


An infection normally occur behind the eardrum. The most basic cause of it is bacteria which have come from an outside source. When someone has cold and blocked Eustachian tubes there are more chances for bacteria to be formed within the tubes and that’s when mostly ear infections occur. Excess moisture in the ear is also a cause of different ear infections. Most of the times excess water remains in the ear after swimming.

Now, you might have got a better idea about the causes of ear infections and so, we’re moving forward to the symptoms of an ear infection.


Most noticeable symptom of an ear infection is pain. Such type of pain can be quite mild or excruciating. An interesting fact is that sometimes fever is also a symptom for an ear infection. Some more symptoms include loss of balance. Here, I’m not talking about the weight of your body; the balance of your hearing system is what’s meant here. You’ll feel different changes in the balance of your hearing system and that’s what indicates you might have an ear infection.

Home Remedies for Ear Infections:

You might have seen and listened to uncountable treatments of ear infections. The treatments of an ear infection include either antibiotics or on the other hand there are some legendary home remedies. The reason some people go for home remedies for ear infections in order to find the ear infection cure naturally is that home remedies have no side effects. This means that you can easily get rid of otitis media naturally.

It is true that a person can’t immediately visit the doctor when he starts suffering from the symptoms of a particular disease. So, at that particular moment one will have to help himself by his own. Like, if the pain begins at night so, you’ll have to take some action that would not have any side effects and such actions are known as home remedies.

Counter ear drops can be a life saver for you but if you don’t even have that, you’ll have to rely on the home remedies.

  1. Put few drops of lemon juice in the sore ear to relieve the pain and also stop the infection before it grows further.
  2. Cook garlic in olive oil and then drain and let it cool. Then apply a few drops in the ear in order to get rid of otitis media naturally.
  3. A mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% water also has the same effect.


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