Acne Scars Removal

Acne Scars Removal Surgery Important Facts

There are various methods for acne scars removal but only few of them are counted as the authentic methods to remove acne scars. There’s a myth roaming around that only teenagers are supposed to face acne or acne scars. But the reality is that acne can affect any person of any age. Also, there’s no particular gender which is supposed to be affected by acne. Most of the people in order to remove acne scars or acne prefer creams and different home remedies. But when it comes to severe cases, all such methods don’t really work.

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind before reading this article further and it is that we’re not giving you any professional advice that would take the place of your doctor’s opinion. So, take all these information as a knowledge material instead of making decisions by your own.

Acne Scars Removal Surgery:

Suppose that home remedies, creams etc. didn’t worked to remove your acne scars. So, what you’ll think after that is going for an acne scars removal surgery. Talking psychological, you’ll only think about getting an acne scars removal surgery if you have huge acne scars that are easily visible. On the other hand, if you shallow and barely visible acne scars, you won’t think about getting an acne scars removal surgery.

Before figuring out the treatment for your acne, the first thing you’ll have to figure out is the level of acne/acne scars you have. You are not supposed to go for an acne scars removal surgery if you have acne scars that could be easily removed by creams, lotions, etc. Ice pick scars are tiny and deep, and it seems like someone has punctured the skin with a pointed tool. On the other hand, rolling scars are milder and keloidal scars seem like raised bumps. Also, how can someone forget boxcar scars as they seem like a sharp edge to the indentation.

Now you might be thinking that what really are the acne scar surgery options? Laser treatments are used for the newbies. That’s the first method of the surgery which is used to remove acne scars. You’ll be shocked to know that laser treatment also cures many other skin problems i.e. wrinkles, skin blemishes, age spots, etc. Side-effects of this first method among the other methods of acne scars removal surgeries are minimal and that’s the reason most of the people who have severe acne scars go for this option. So, the side-effects are redness, discoloration and blistering on the skin in some cases.

One thing you must keep in mind related to laser treatments of acne scars that not all doctors perform the same kind of laser treatment. That’s the reason you’ll have to first go for a check up to the doctor and then further decide about the kind of laser treatment your acne scars are looking for.

Some non-laser acne scar surgery options are Subcision, punch excision and injected fillers you may also wish to pursue. You’re not supposed to take any decision by your own on the health topic before consulting with your doctor.


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