alcohol effects the internal body organs negatively

How Alcohol Effects the Internal Organs Badly

No doubt, alcohol affects your body from every single hair to even your nails. Here below I’m covering the topics that how alcohol affects the internal organs badly.

Effects of alcohol on the stomach

Alcohol affects the stomach extremely dangerously as the stomach becomes ineligible to produce the natural digestive fluid in sufficient quantity. Also, the stomach is not able to absorb the food properly and hence it digests food imperfectly. An alcoholic will always face the conditions like nausea emptiness, distension and prostration. The result of all these things is loathing for food because of which a permanent and dangerous disorder occurs which is known as dyspepsia.

Liver damage through alcohol

You must know that liver is the organ that faces the most frequent structural changes because of alcohol. By this statement, you can get an idea about the liver damage through alcohol. We all know that normally, liver is capable of holding active substances in its cellular parts. On the other hand, the liver of an alcoholic is often saturated with it because it is never free from the influence of alcohol. The capsular structure of the liver gets terribly damaged because of alcohol and hence prevents free secretion.

Alcohol effects kidneys negatively too

The continuous and severe consumption of alcohol affects kidneys negatively too. The power of contraction and elasticity gets loosened from the vessels of kidneys. Another shocking thing that happens is that minute structures in them go through fatty modification. All these things gradually result in the body losing its power.

Congestion of the lungs

No doubt, consumption of alcohol also damages the lungs badly as alcohol affects the internal organs badly no matter which organ it is. The vessels of the lungs get relaxed easily because of the alcohol. Due to a rapid variation in temperature because of the alcohol, the lungs gradually get congested.

Effects of alcohol on the heart

Definitely, alcohol also greatly affects the heart. The membranous structures of the heart are thickened and they become calcareous. The next effect of alcohol on the heart is that the valves start losing their suppleness. The result of this is that the valvular disorder gets permanent.  The vessels lose their elasticity and also the power that is required to feed the heart by the recoil.

Terrible changes in the tissue of the muscular structure of the heart also occur. Fatty cells either replace the elements of the muscle fiber or the muscle fiber’s elements themselves transfer into a modified muscular texture. The power of contraction is greatly reduced in the modified muscular texture.


Now, you might have got an idea that how alcohol affects the internal organs badly. So, what are you thinking? If you’re an alcohol addict, it’s the right time for you to make a correct decision to change your life and if you’re not an alcohol addict, make a commitment to yourself that you’ll try your best to make more and more people aware of the effects of alcohol.


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