most effective ways to relieve back pain naturally

15 Ways To Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Back pain is very irritating and disturbing health problem. There are different ways to relieve back pain, some are effective and others are short term. Today we will let you know about the 15 most effective ways to relieve back pain naturally. We are going to break the 15 natural ways to relieve back pain into different groups. The first group that I’ve made is stretching then strengthening and then by drinking and eating.

So, let’s start our 15 natural ways to relieve back pain with the stretching moves. You will definitely have to hold each position for at least 5-8 seconds in order to get success. Keep one thing in mind that if you feel pain, you need to stop.

Stretching Moves To Relieve Back Pain Naturally:

#1 Move your shoulders forward slightly while lying face down on an exercise ball.

#2 When you’ve been sitting for some time, stand up and place your hands upon your lower back and after that, you’ll have to push your shoulders back and hips forward.

#3 Pull one knee up towards your chest and after that pull your other leg up to your chest while lying on the ground facing up.

#4 Hold the same position like mentioned above and then twist the bottom half of your torso to the left and then point your knees in a position similar to 10 o’clock. After that, point them to your right in a position similar to 2 o’clock.

#5 Bend your legs at the knees and place your feet flat on the ground while lying on the ground face up. Then, slowly push up your hip area like you’re about to form a bridge.

Strengthening Moves:

#6 Perform Hindu style squats as they help a lot in strengthening the lower back.

#7 Don’t forget to do sit ups as they strengthen your abs and the biggest benefit is that sit ups will take the pressure off of your back muscles.

#8 Now moving on to the Superman position. In this you’ll have to lay face down and then lift your upper torso and legs in order to form a bowl of your body.

#9 The next strengthening move in order to relieve back pain instantly is the Reverse fly. What you’ll have to do here is leaning over at an estimated of 90 degrees while using a 5-10 pound weight in each hand and right after that, raise both arms straight out.

#10 Here comes the opposite arm and leg raise. To start this move, you’ll have to get on all fours and right after that extend one of your arms totally and then lift the opposite leg and then keep switching to other arm and leg.

Drinking and eating to relieve back pain naturally

#11 Drink uncountable water.

#12 Say no to too much carbonated and sugar drinks.

#13 Focus on eating vitamin B-12 rich foods.

#14 Also focus on eating foods that are rich in magnesium.

#15 Put all of your effort to increase your calcium levels. The reason is that this habit will really help you relieve back pain naturally instantly.


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