your toes shapes tell about your life

Find If You Will be Rich and Happy By Your Toes Shapes.

Your toes say a lot about your future, and personality. One can guess a lot about person’s personality and future, just by looking at their toes shapes. Whether your toes are larger or smaller, Which is the longest and which is the smallest toe? Are your feet narrow or wide?

This may sound strange to you, but your toes say a lot about your future and personality. According to some studies, the physical characteristic like the shape of your feet and your toe length reveals a lot about your personality and can even predict your future.

This article explains 5 different types of toes shapes that tells about your personality. Read this article to find out what your toes say about your future and personality:

Big toe:

If your big toe is much longer than the others, it means that you are extremely shrewd and creative, especially when it comes to solving problems. Unlike others, you have a better perspective since you are brimming with ideas. The only negative characteristic is that you cannot stay focused for a longer period, so you do not always complete your tasks.

If your big toe is smaller than the others, it means that you are good at multitasking and negotiating, you are a very agreeable person and always complete your tasks.

Second toe:

Scientists claim that the longer the second toe a person has, the better leader will   become. So the long second toe meaning, you are always energized, supportive, you always show initiative for doing something you believe is right.  In India, moms didn’t allow their sons to marry women who had longer second toe, as it is an indicator of bossy character.

On the other hand, if the second toe is shorter than the others, it means that this person, doesn’t jump into conclusion and always think everything through before doing something important.

Third toe:

Resourceful, dynamic and successful at your job are the characteristics of the person with a longer third toe. According to the Chinese tradition, the third toe is linked to energy, willpower and drive. Furthermore, these people are considered as perfectionists who always aim high, work hard and forget about the other people in their life. If the third toe is shorter than the others, it indicates on a calm and relaxed person who enjoys the pleasures in the life.

Fourth Toe:

A larger fourth toe than the other toes indicates on a caring person who make family their top priority.  You are a good listener and an altruist. Your problems in your private life, with your partner, family and love life can have a huge impact on your happiness. If you clawed fourth toe, then you need to relax and don’t worry so much about the other people’s problems.

If you have shorter toe, it means that person doesn’t care much about his family.

Little toe: 

Person with small little toe is childish and often irresponsible, easily bored and distracted. People like your big sense of humor, but your Petar Pan syndrome can get you into trouble. If your little toe can be separated from your fourth toe, it means you are impulsive, charming and adventurous.

Arches on your feet:

If you have arches on your feet, it means you are independent and self-focused. You enjoy being alone and people consider you as antisocial and stubborn person.

If you have lower aches, it means you are a sociable and communicative person. You enjoy having fun and entertaining people.

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