cure prostate problem with these natural remedies

Enlarged Prostate Problem: Natural Remedies to Shrink The Prostate in Painless Way.

A considerable number of men in old age, mostly over the age of 50 suffer from prostate problem. The prostate is a male gland with the size and shape of a chestnut and is located around the beginning of the urethra. Normally there are two disorders affecting the gland:

  1. Prostate gland enlargement
  2. Inflammation of the gland


There are two common symptoms that should be taking as alarm for the prostate problem, there are:

  1. The need for frequent urination overnight and
  2. Problems with the passing of urine.

Few other symptoms of the disorders include lower back pain and pain in the legs, feet or hips.

This article is to share few natural remedies that can help in cure and relief from the enlarged prostate problem. Details are as follows:1.Chop and mix the following ingredients:

  1. of fresh celery root
  2. 7 oz. of pumpkin seeds (peeled)
  3. Freshly squeezed lemon juice (1 lemon)
  4. 1 teaspoon of olive oil 

How to prepare?

Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.


Take a tablespoon of the mixture every night before going to bed to improve the condition of your prostate.

  1. Eat sunflower seeds and almonds every day between 17:00 and 19:00. This is the best time for the body to process the seeds and improve the condition of your prostate.

sunflower seed and almonds help in relieving prostate problem

  1. Eat quail eggs between 17:00 and 19:00 every day for 2 weeks.

eat quail eggs and throw away prostate problem

  1. Drink 0.33 ml. of pumpkin oil 3 times a day for a month.

  1. Add a tablespoon of dry hazelnut leaves to a cup of boiling water, then leave the tea to cool down and drink 2 tablespoons of the tea a few times a day. This will cure prostate adenoma and provide some much-needed relief.

  1. Put 4 cups of water in a pot with 1 oz. of chopped pine tree needles. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes on low heat, then strain the tea and pour it in 5 smaller cups. Drink the whole amount during the day

pine needles and boiling water tea

  1. Boil 10.5 oz. of water and add 3 tablespoons of grated asparagus, then pour the tea in a thermos for a couple of hours. Strain the liquid afterwards, and drink 3.3 oz. of the tea 3 times a day until you feel relief.

  1. Add 40 drops of 20% alcoholic solution in half a cup of hot milk and drink the mixture 3 times before your meals every day.

  1. Eat a mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey and a smaller onion bulb every day to relieve your prostate problems.

Before starting with any of these natural remedies, it’s best to consult your doctor first.


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