tomato juice to burn stubborn fat

Burn stubborn Fat with This Incredible Drink.

The ingredients of this beverage will speed up your metabolism and rid the body of toxins and burn stubborn fat accumulated in your body. The important thing is to properly prepare and drink it regularly. You will see the results in less than a months time.


  1. Cup of tomato juice
  2. A quarter cup of lemon juice
  3. Teaspoon of grated ginger
  4. One hot pepper (or half a teaspoon)
  5. Two stalks of celery (medium size)

Method of Preparation:

Mix all ingredients, except the celery, of which you will get approximately 7.4 oz (220 ml) drink. Serve it in the glass cups and add to the drink whole celery stalks. Eat the celery parallel to drinking the beverage.


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