lemons can fill your life with positive energy

3 Cut Lemon on Your Night Stand-This Activity Will Change Your Life Forever.

Lemon is highly beneficial for good health and beauty.There is one thing about lemons that not everyone is familiar with. Apparently, these yellow fruits are highly beneficial for our energy.

Too much negative energy in your home will dull its atmosphere and have a negative impact on your health, prosperity, and relationship with your partner. Although you may not believe in such things, there are many rituals and natural remedies that have proved to be quite beneficial and true, opposite to the general belief.

This article will discuss about the power of positive and negative energies and their impact on our lives. Lemons are considered to be among the things that are able to neutralize the negative energy, thereby helping one restore their life’s harmony.

In addition, this highly beneficial fruit is also believed to help one improve their financial situation.

We are eager to give you a very simple advice in regards to using lemons for the improvement of your health and wealth. Apparently, by placing a lemon somewhere in your home where you spend most of your time, you will protect yourself from the negative energy that surrounds you. The lemon’s aroma will become your best ally in the protection against the impacts of negative energy. To do this, you will need only green lemons.

Here’s how to use the green lemon’s neutralizing power in various ways and for various purposes: 

  1. The easiest way is to take three green lemons cut them slightly, and put them in three different places in your home. You should replace them with fresh green lemons once they turn yellow or black.
  2. Another way to experience the green lemon’s power is to boil its peel in rainwater and make use of its vapors. You can also wear a small piece of its peel as a talisman. No matter which option you will choose, the green lemon will surely help you get rid of the negative energy surrounding you by absorbing it completely and leaving you feel calm and safe.
  3. Take a basket or a clay/ceramic bowl, fill it with rice and place 9 lemons in it. Place one lemon in the center and arrange the rest around it to bring you wealth.
  4. In order to protect yourself from envious colleagues, place 3 lemons in your desk drawer or put them in your purse. This will help you maintain your balance.
  5. In order to reverse the negative energy in your home, you should combine some lemon juice with an atomizer spray water. Spray some of it everywhere in your home, paying attention to the corners.
  6. If you want to attract love in your life, you should put three lemons in a glass vase or a bowl, and place it on your nightstand. Replace the lemons with fresh ones, once they turn yellow or black.
  7. Here’s what you should do to get rid of the negative vibes that you have absorbed throughout the day. Take one green lemon, cut it into 4 parts and place them in a plate to form a cross. Next, sprinkle some grain salt around them, making a circle. Place the plate under your bed, or near the bed, wall or on the floor, before you go to bed. The following day, you should take the lemon pieces without touching them directly, and put them in a plastic bag. Throw them away from your home. Be careful not to touch them. Do this for at least 3 days in a row and you will undoubtedly notice great improvement.
  8. Another way to eliminate negative vibes is to place a green lemon in the pocket of your coat/jacket or your purse. In the evening, take out the dried lemon and throw it away. The next morning, take a fresh green lemon and carry it with you during the day. It will absorb all the bad vibes around you, thus leaving you calm and safe.

Try some of these suggestions and let us know about your personal experience.

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