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Why You Have Leg Cramps At Night? Stop In This Way From Happening Again.

The torment that happens amid the night while resting is named legs camp or nighttime leg cramps. The agony can bring about to wake up amidst the night, and the reason would be drawn out hours of inactivity. Normally the torment happens in the zone in the calf, yet can be additionally in the thighs and feet. The term of the agony is diverse now and again can most recent few moments and some of the time all the more even couple minutes. After the leg camp issue passes, muscle soreness may wait for whatever is left of the night or even until the next day. Both male and females can encounter leg cramps and they happen all the more usually in grown-ups beyond 45 years old.

Nighttime cramps and restless leg syndrome/ disorder (RLS) occur incidentally at night which is the main likeness between these two conditions. There are different contrasts between leg cramps at nighttime and restless leg syndrome, as:

  1. Leg cramps are painful while restless leg syndrome don’t cause any pain or cramping.
  2. One feels discomfort or crawling feeling if suffering with restless leg syndrome.
  3. While having restless leg syndrome, if you move the leg, you feel relaxed. On the other hand if having leg cramps, you must stretch your legs.

Different Reasons and Factors for Having Leg Cramps:

The particular pin pointed reasons or causes for suffering from leg cramps problems are not yet discovered. But experts have explained some potential causes and risk factors that may results in having leg cramps problem. Which are:

  1. Improper sitting posture
  2. Longer sitting periods
  3. Working or playing on concrete floor.
  4. Frequent alcohol consumption.
  5. Leg muscles over exertion
  1. Medical Conditions That Can Cause Leg Cramps:

There are certain medical conditions that can also be the cause of having leg cramps at night. These conditions are:

  1. Parkinson’s disease
  2. Endocrine disorders, e.g. diabetes
  3. Dehydration
  4. Women in pregnancy can have this problem
  5. People having flat feet may have leg cramps problem
  6. Neuromuscular disorder
  7. Statins, diuretics, beta agonist
  1. Prevention and Treatment for Leg Cramp Problem:

Logically talking about the treatment and prevention so it is related to the reason that cause this problem. For example, if dehydration is the main cause of leg cramp problem for some person, he/she should always keep themselves hydrated to avoid this painful problem.

If you are suffering with leg cramps problem and you do not know the reason. Then you must see your doctor and have detailed clinical test for yourself. Magnesium or potassium deficiency also causes muscles to cramp.

  • Preventive measures to avoid leg cramps:

  1. Stretch your legs regularly before going to bed.
  2. Do not weak high heels, instead use ergonomic shoes.
  3. Try to do water sports/exercises. They make your muscles strong.
  4. Use horse-chestnut. It is proven to increase blood flow in legs.
  5. Place warm pad at the affected area.
  6. Acupuncture treatment is also effective in treating leg cramps problem.
  7. Before going to bed, it’s better to take a warm bath, it will relax your muscles and avoid the leg cramps.
  • Relief methods when cramps happen

It is critical to recognize what to do when the cramps abruptly happens amid the night. You can calm torment doing few things which are mentioned below:

  1. You can consume a tablespoon of yellow mustard to relieve the pain.
  2. Rub the effected region in circular movement carefully, it will help.
  3. Get up slow and turn around a bit, slowly shaking your legs can improve the blood flow and give some relief in pain.
  4. Sit on the flow and place your legs straight in front of you. Bend your feet and point your toes towards your knees. It will help in stretching and relief pain.

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