cinnamon and honey drink recipe use to cure various health issues like heart diseases, high cholesterol level, arthritis etc

Prevent Heart Diseases, Normalize Cholesterol Level and Boost Immune System With this Simple Yet amazing Recipe.

Preventive Medication:

Preventive medicine, measures to counteract diseases or wounds instead of curing them or treating their side effects.

Folk medicine has been utilizing the cinnamon and honey for a huge number of years. The Egyptians utilized it to treat wounds, the Greeks utilized it to lengthen their life span, and the Indians utilized it to keep up sound health. They all knew the advantages from this mix.

The advanced medicine is beginning to acknowledge these advantages and it endorsed its utilization to treat diverse sicknesses and conditions.

You can utilize these two elements for various health issues including the cold and this season’s flu virus, the elevated cholesterol level or even cardiovascular maladies, gallbladder diseases and joint pains can be prevented and cured by this combination. Below are the details of how the combination of these two ingredients helps in healing your body in a natural way;

Different Ways By Which It Can Help Natural Body Healing: 

  1. Help in relieving cold

Blend a tablespoon of honey with a fourth of teaspoon cinnamon to treat regular colds. You can utilize this blend too soothe cold, severe cough or sinus blockage.

  1. Immune system booster

Regular utilization of this blend can help boosting your immune system. As a result it can shield the body from bacterial and viral contamination in a natural way.

  1. Normalize the cholesterol level

Mix two tablespoons honey with three teaspoons cinnamon in a large cup of water. You can decrease the cholesterol level by 10 % in only two hours after consuming.

  1. Help in treating heart diseases

You can sprinkle cinnamon and include somewhat honey on a bread slice rather than jam or jelly for breakfast. Using this, you can keep the less likelihood of having heart failure and even lower the level of the blood cholesterol.

  1. Help in treating gallbladder infections

Devour routinely a blend of boiled cup of water with one tablespoon honey and two tablespoons cinnamon. This will help your gallbladder contamination cure.

  1. Anti-arthritis

Take one cup of boiled water and mix two tablespoons honey and a tablespoon cinnamon in it. Drink this mixture twice every day in the morning and around evening time to treat the chronic arthritis. 

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