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Liver Cleanse in 24 Hours – Get rid of Liver Stones & Have Clean Healthy Liver.

The liver channels and processes blood as it flows through the body. It metabolizes nutrients, detoxify destructive substances, makes blood coagulating proteins, and performs numerous other imperative capacities. The cells in the liver contain proteins called enzymes that drive these concoction responses. Time to time a liver cleanse is recommended to keep it healthy, it will enhance your processing and helps you to say farewell to hypersensitivity, shoulders torment, upper back and upper arm pain.

The majority of the general population incorporating kids can have stones in their liver channels. A few people have no side effects while others create rashes or sensitivities. At the point when performing x-rays of liver, the stones can’t be seen on the grounds that they are not calcified and they are tiny.

There are numerous sorts of stones with cholesterol crystals inside them. They can be dark-colored, red, white, green or black. In the focal point of the stones are discovered stays of microscopic organisms knows as bacteria. As indicated by the researchers, these liver stones presumably started to frame with dead microbes as their center. Within the presence of liver stones, less cholesterol leaves the body and as a result cholesterol level can even increment in the body.

Since the stones are permeable can accumulate cysts, microorganisms, parasites and infections that go through the liver. Along these lines are shaping homes of contamination who dependably supply the body with new microscopic organisms. No stomach disease or ulcer can be for all time cured without expelling the stones from the liver.

This cleanse is not recommended in case of pregnancy or during lactation and also not recommended if you have a cold or any serious disease.



  1. Unrefined Epsom salt – 4 tablespoons
  2. Cold pressed olive oil – 1/2 cup
  3. Freshly squeezed juice of 1 large or 2 small grapefruit
  4. Cup with lid

It is ideal to do this liver cleanse procedure on weekends while you are mostly home and can carry out this procedure easily. Don’t take any medicines in the form of tablets as they can prevent the process of liver cleanse.

For breakfast and lunch consume foods with less fat like cooked cereal with fruit, fruit juice, bread with honey (no butter or milk or other vegetables with salt, chips). With these foods you will increase the pressure in the bile duct of the liver, which will lead to disposal of more gallstones (bile stones are crystallized toxins in the liver)

Time Table:

At 2 pm

  1. Stop with the eating and drinking after 2 pm. if you violate this rule, later you may feel pain.
  2. Prepare the salt, mix 4 tablespoons of unrefined Epsom salt in three cups filled with water and pour it all into a bottle. You will get four doses.
  3. Keep this bottle in the refrigerator until it is cold enough. This is done to improve its taste.

At 6 pm

Drink the first dose or 1/4 of the cold saline solution

At 8 pm

Drink the second dose. Even though you haven’t eaten by 2 pm you still will not feel hungry. Take the dose at the exact time, it is crucial for the successful liver cleanse.

At 9:45 pm

Squeeze grapefruit (by hand) and put it in 1/2 cup of cold pressed olive oil. Stir well. Close the cup and stir until you get smooth solution. Go to the bathroom one or more times before you drink this potion.

At 10 pm

Drink the prepared potion and take valerian to make it easier to fall asleep (if you suffer from insomnia). Drink it in a standing position for 5 minutes. After you drink it immediately lie down in your bed. The sooner you lie down in bed more gallstones will come out of the liver.

  1. Lie on your back with your head slightly raised on a pillow. Now try to remain in calm position in about 20 minutes without moving.
  2. You may feel like a train of stones traveling through the channels of the liver as marbles. You will not feel pain because the channels are open (because of the Epsom salt). Now you can sleep.
  3. Next morning, after you wake up take the 3rd dose.
  4. If you are feeling nauseous wait until goes away before drinking the dose.
  5. Don’t take the dose before 6 a.m. Two hours later you can take the fourth dose of the cold salt water.
  6. After 2 hours you can begin to eat. Start with fruit juice and half an hour after eat some fruit.
  7. Even after an hour later you can start a normal nutrition but it is recommended to keep it light so that until dinner time you will feel fully recovered.

How Successful Was The Liver Cleanse Process?

In the morning you can expect loose bowels. The liver stones can swim on the surface of the water as a result of the cholesterol in them. You can even number them. For complete filtration of the liver will be important to dispose of as many stones as possible. This treatment can be rehashed following 2 weeks. Never do this liver cleanse process in the event that you are sick.

At times liver canaliculi are loaded with cholesterol as crystals and no type of rocks, so they will show up on the water surface in the toilet and may have a green-cocoa shading. 

Is It Safe??

Yes it is! Dr. Hulda Clark presented this treatment and it has been done on more than 500 individuals, including older persons that were more than 70 years in age. No one felt torment or went to the clinic. You may feel depleted after the treatment, however it will last only maybe a couple of days. Utilizing this treatment you can dispose of the gallstones without surgery. This treatment is used since long time.

Please note that if you want to avoid problems, do not change the recipe or the schedule. The liver is sensitive to details.

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