lemon parsley magical drink for controlling high cholesterol levels

Magical Drink: Get Yourself Protected Against Multiple Health Problems

Because of regularly increasing number of individuals who battle with raised cholesterol. Once you get your blood tested and results shown that you have increased levels of cholesterol, it should be of great concern for you and act as a warning sign. Never ignore this because if you get it fixed now, naturally the problem will be cured in start but sometimes people ignore by considering it as minor and later they suffer with complex health problems.

For the treatment of high cholesterol levels, instead you purchase an entire pack of medicines, attempt to tackle the issue in a natural way. A natural remedy or if you want to call it medicine which is based on parsley and lemon is very effective and useful in this situation. In addition to that it has no side effects unlike other medicines which have quite a few side effects that may sometimes create other health problems. Following are the ingredients and method of preparation for this magical drink.


  1. Lemons = 1 kg
  2. Parsley = 5 bunches
  3. Water = 4 liters
  4. Baking soda = 1 tablespoon

Method of preparation:

  1. Take some warm water and dilute it with baking soda.
  2. Wash the lemons and then put them in the baking soda diluted water, let them sit for an hour.
  3. Chop the parsley and then grind it in a chopper nicely.
  4. Blend the lemon as well.
  5. No take a bowl and put the grinded parsley and lemon in it and pour 3 liters of water and place it on heat.
  6. Cook it at low temperature for two to three hours until the water remained half (1.5 liters). Switch off the heat and strain the mixture and your magical drink is ready. Keep it in glass jar.


  1. Consume 1 cup of this magical drink every morning on empty stomach for 2 weeks and then have a break of 1 week.
  2. You can repeat the cycle if feel necessary.

This magical drink will normalize your cholesterol levels and you can take your tests again after the cycle to see yourself. It not only normalizes your cholesterol levels but you will feel overall positive change in your health. You will feel more fresh and energized.


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