vegetable soup that melts away your body fat

Delicious Soup That Melts Away Body Fat.

Obesity or Excess weight seems to be the most common problem of this era. It’s all because of the irregular lifestyle due to the fast and busy life. Everyone is trying to leave others behind. Doing so, people even forget to take care of their health. Due to the irregular eating patterns, unhygienic food intake and lack of exercise, people gain excess weight. Obesity is the health problem that brings other diseases with it.

Once you are overweight, it’s really a tough job to reduce it. It requires a regular strict diet plan and consistent workout. In today’s situation where life is so fast, if you feel difficult to be regularly follow the tough routine to get yourself in shape, in this situation, what if you are told with a delicious soup recipe that you can include in your diet. This article is about sharing this wonderful soup recipe that is not only delicious in taste but it also helps you in burning body fat quickly. Mentioned below are the required ingredients and method for preparation for this soup.


  1. Onion = 1
  2. Carrot = 3
  3. Potato = 1
  4. Celery stalk = 1
  5. Garlic clove = 1
  6. A pinch of sea salt
  7. Black pepper = ½ teaspoon
  8. Grounded pepper = 1 teaspoon
  9. A pinch of red pepper (if you like)
  10. Bay leaf = 1
  11. Pasteurized tomatoes = 400 grams
  12. Canned peas = 400 grams
  13. Handful of spinach leaves
  14. Olive oil


  1. Place a cooking pot on heat and put all ingredients in it, except spinach and olive oil, and cook on low heat.
  2. When all the vegetables are nearly cooked, add spinach in it and leave it for few minutes.
  3. While you are serving the soup, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil in it.
  4. If you like you soup to be thick and creamy, take a small amount of water and put it in blender with all the cooked ingredients and blend them well. Your thick creamy and delicious soup is ready.

This soup is not only delicious and pleasant in taste, it is full of fiber and different spices helps you with quick digestion, release toxins from your body and helps in melting fats away. These are the reasons that this soup is a wonderful choice for people who likes to burn excess fat from their bodies. In general, anyone can enjoy this soup as it’s also very good for overall health.


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