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Be Aware About Your Blood Group, It Tells about Your Health.

A blood group is a simple medical term related to the health information of a person and most of the people are familiar with this term. What is more important, is that blood group reveals information about general health of a person so one should know about it so that a better health management can be done. There are four groups of blood types, A, B, AB and O. There are two Rh factors, plus and minus. We are inheriting them from our parents.

There are many researches that correlate particular blood types with particular diseases, but also the advantages of each group for our health. Details are as follows:

  1. Blood Group A

The people who belong in this group are vulnerable of appearance of cancer of the stomach. The women are capable to get pregnant in older age because they lose less egg cells in time.

Anyway, women who belong in this blood group are more vulnerable to stomach cancer, particularly if they are smokers and enjoy in alcoholic drinks often. There are some relations between blood type A and affinity to alcoholism, but also to obsessive compulsive disarray.

  1. Blood Group B

People who are part of this group are vulnerable from pancreatic cancer. They have increased possibility of memory issues, as well as dementia and Alzheimer’s in older age. In addition, they are more vulnerable to ulcers and infections, but they do have better metabolism than others and can build up muscles easily.

  1. Blood Group O

People who belong in this group have a quarter reduced possibility of heart attack and stomach cancer. They suffer from increased risk of stomach ulcers caused by bacteria Helicobacter pylori and men with this blood type are vulnerable from obesity. Women are twice more vulnerable from fewer and poorer quality of eggs which affects their fertility. The positive thing is that these people are more immune to stress after traumatic events, their level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases quicker.

  1. Blood group AB

Women who belong in this group are more vulnerable from ovarian cancer, and pregnant women from this blood type have increased risk of developing increased blood pressure-preeclampsia. People from this group are prone to develop heart disease and stroke, as well as digestive issues like chronic gastritis, Crohn’s ailment etc.

People from this group have stable cortisol levels after traumatic event for longer, which makes them resistant to stress. They are also safer from any eyesight issues.

Below is shown a detailed chart for blood group donor and recipient relevance.

blood group donor and recipient table



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