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You Drink Coffee First Thing in the Morning on Empty Stomach. Must Read This Before Drinking Again…

Coffee is one of the very commonly liked and consumed drink. Most of the people would like to have their cup of coffee first thing after they wake up in the morning. When you talk about drinking coffee, then yes, it has certain benefits for human body. But drinking coffee on empty stomach and especially after waking up in the morning is not a healthy habit. Rather it’s harmful for health and if you are one of those people who practice this thing regularly, you should stop this practice of drinking coffee on empty stomach after you wake up in the morning. Few reasons for the harmfulness of this practice are as follows:

Reasons For Not To Drink Coffee on Empty Stomach in the Morning: 

Drinking a cup of black coffee on an empty stomach in the morning is not very healthy thing. By doing so will increase the hydrochloric acid amount in your digestive tract. If you are suffering from gastritis, then you will definitely feel this. This hydrochloric acid (HCL) is not good for food in your stomach.

As a result, whenever you eat something heavy, this HCL can cause you a digestive problems by creating difficulty for proteins digestion. If protein is not fully digested and absorbed, it can be the cause of other digestive problems like: bowel inflammation, bloating, irritation and might also be the cause of colon cancer. This is why the medical experts warns that one should not drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach first thing after you wake up.

Another reason behind this is, coffee will increase the cortisol level and your body will needs a longer time to balance it to the normal state. Cortisol is a hormone which controls the biological clock and the ability to stay awake. It’s consumption on an empty stomach will increase acidity, which can cause vomiting and bloating.

So drinking coffee on empty stomach immediately after waking up in the morning is quite harmful for your health. If you cannot start your day well without it, then you should first have your breakfast before having your cup. And if you don’t like to have breakfast in the morning, which by the way is the most important meal of the day, but must want to have cup of coffee then the least you can do to reduce its harmful effects on health is to add some milk, cream or butter in it.

So next time you are going to do this, must think twice because now you know how badly it can affect your health.

Right Thing At The Right Time Should Be The Rule of Thumb!!!!!

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