boost your energy with couscous

Boost Your Energy With Couscous.

One cup of couscous adds 6 g of protein to your day, or 12% of the daily intake recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. Other grains typically provide a lower levels of this macro-nutrient. This is much-needed for muscle-building after exercise, and for boosting energy. A perfect fit for today’s health conscious eaters.
Including it in your diet provides several health benefits. One cup of its serving provides 43 mg of selenium, or 61% of the 70 mg daily value. This is a trace mineral that the body needs in small quantities. It acts as an antioxidant and protecting healthy cells from the mutating effects of toxins that change the DNA and structural composition, leading to disease and premature aging.
The potassium in couscous provides important functions, such as regulating blood pressure and the heartbeat. Potassium helps control fluid balance. It is also an important factor in blood pressure regulation. It also assists with muscle contractions, and because the heart is a muscle, it requires potassium to prevent arrhythmias, or irregularities of the heartbeat. A 1 cup serving of couscous provides 91 mg of potassium, or 39% of the 3,500 mg the FDA recommends to get daily.


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