watercress, most beneficial vegetable in the world

Watercress, Most Beneficial Vegetable, But Often Forgotten.

If we observe and search around us, the nature is full of things that are highly beneficial for our health. Particularly if we talk about greens, nature is full of vegetables that are highly rich in terms of health benefits. This article is also about a most beneficial vegetable that is loaded with attributes which are highly recommended for health. Unfortunately, as a common trend of practicing of taking medicines whenever we have some health problem, this amazing vegetable, named as watercress is also almost completely forgotten.

Watercress is loaded with so many healthy nutrients which are necessary and beneficial for our health. Often when we talk about iron intake or the deficiency of vitamin C, we are advised to eat spinach and lemon or citrus fruits that are the source of iron and vitamin C. You may be surprised to know that watercress has more amount of iron and vitamin C as compared to the spinach or lemon and/or other citrus fruits like orange.

The tragedy is that the health benefits of this vegetable is known since ages. But somehow it’s almost completely forgotten. The origin of watercress plant is from Eurasia. For now it is easily available in every part of the world.

Health Benefits of Watercress:

You would be amazed to know that, according to the research study, watercress is the healthiest vegetable around the globe. It has various health benefits, few of them are highlighted as follows:

  1. It reduces the oxidative stress due to its antioxidant property.
  2. It helps in purifying the blood.
  3. Its use provided and refreshing effect overall.
  4. It stimulates the appetite.
  5. It is also good for detoxifying and cleaning the entire body.
  6. Studies suggests that it can also stop tumor growth and metastasis if the watercress is injected into the body.
  7. It is also useful in helping in treatment for cardiovascular diseases.
  8. It use also helps in prevention of breast cancer spread.
  9. Use of watercress salad is highly recommended for smokers due to its highly effectiveness in preventing against the harmful effects of smoking.

Watercress Use/ consumption:

  1. Experts have suggested to use to watercress juice in a ratio of 1:5, i.e. one portion of watercress juice mixed with 5 portions of water.
  2. It is a very powerful plant and can cause inflammation to stomach and throat if pure juice is consumed.
  3. Experts also recommended not to drink this juice on daily basis. Instead it is recommended to drink it every alternative day.

Watercress Salad Recipe:

  1. Wash its leaves well.
  2. Put the leaves in salt and vinegar solution for 1 hour.
  3. After wards you can mix the watercress leaves with olives, chopped garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  4. Leave this mix for 3 hours and after that you can enjoy the nice salad which is full of health benefits.

As a Bandage or Compress:

Watercress is equally beneficial for external use as well. It can be used to treat various skin problems or impurities as well as used as treatment against hair loss. Below is the procedure for using it as compress:

  1. Chop its leaves into small pieces.
  2. Clean the affected area with some antiseptic before putting chopped leaves.
  3. After cleaning, put the leaves and bandage the area.
  4. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours.
  5. After that you can remove the bandage, wash the affected area and apply some oil on it.

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