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Lower Back Pain Relief: 4 Simple Exercises

People sometimes suffers with a lower back pain. Sometimes it is just a muscle pulled up and after light medication the pain goes away. Sometimes it’s a sciatica pain in hips (along with back and legs) it is really very much disturbing, painful and annoying for a person who has this problem. It literally puts one in a misery.

Instead of immediately opting for medicinal treatment for the lower back pain problem, one should first try to get rid of this pain through exercise. A stretching exercise, stretching cause a blood flow to the muscles that caused you a lower back pain. One should try to avoid medicinal treatment as much as possible and opt for natural ways of treatment of a problem. Medicines relief the problem but there might be different side effects that can harm health in other ways.

This article is about few simple exercises that can relief a person from lower back pain. Details are as follows:

Lower Back Pain Exercises:

  1. Supine Hamstring Stretch

supine hamstring stretch

The procedure for performing this exercise is, lay down on your back and place a rolled-up towel or strap or any other cloth that you have around the ball of your foot. You must be holding the strap/towel on each end and straighten your leg towards ceiling. Now pull your leg, with the towel/ strap ends you are holding, towards your chest. Hold for 3 to 5 minutes and then switch the legs and repeat the same procedure for the same time again.

  1. Two Knee Twist

two knee stretch. back pain relief

Lay down on your back and stretch your knees towards your chest as much as possible. Now spread your arms in a T shape. Keep your knees together and lower them towards right side of your body. Make sure that your back is flat with the floor. Hold your knees in that lowered position towards right side of your body for 1 – 2 minutes and then repeat the same procedure towards left side of your body. Try to do these exercises in sets of 3.

  1. Sphinx

sphinx. back pain relief

Lay down flat of floor on your stomach. Now raise up your chest of the floor with your forearms and on your elbows. Make sure you elbows are directly under your shoulders. Press down your palms and feet top. Rotate your pubic bone forward. You must be feeling pressure in your lower back, if it is so, it means the stretching is working. Hold the position for 2-3 minutes and then relax. Repeat the cycle again after 1 minute rest.

  1. Legs Up With The Wall

legs up with wall. back pain relied

Lay down on your back with your feet on wall. Move your buttock forward until they touch the wall and your legs are straight with the wall. This stretch is very good exercise for lower back pain. Rather not only for lower back pain but it also drains stagnant fluids from your feet and ankles.



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