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Permanent Weight Loss: To Know How? Read This….

Obesity is a very common problem of the modern era. When life is so fast and every individual is busy in earning a good living, in such situation weight loss seems to climbing the Everest. It seems every person is in competition is another person. Is such a busy life style, people sometimes even forget to take care of their health and almost forget the basic thing that if someone is healthy, only then he can survive and achieve goals in today’s busy life.

Due to the busy life schedule, mostly people don’t have proper schedule for healthy food intake. The normally eat in a hurry, rely on processed/ fast food. This sort of food looks tempting in presentation but it is actually not very nutritious for health and regular intake of such food can bring health problems. Talking of that, one of the most common health problem is obesity. The very reason for this health problem is the above described situation unless there is any other specific reason to that.

Gaining weight is pretty easy but when it comes to lose weight, it’s really hard and time-consuming activity and importantly it demands the consistency and schedule. Whenever people try to lose weight, they probably thing that there will be some abrupt changes involved. They probably think and want to lose extra pounds immediately. As a result starts signing in for marathons, some join a diet crash program, some joins gym to shed of extra pounds. Unfortunately after may be few weeks or at most few months when you finds it difficult to stick to the routine, of course you can’t stop eating your favorite foods for the whole life. As soon as you get out of the strict weight loss routine and starts consuming your favorite food freely, as a result, you cannot sustain the weight loss.

The point to make here is, you don’t need to go under abrupt major changes. Instead, the key is to keep it simple: go for practices that can impact your weight loss goals positively without forcing yourself unnecessarily. Following are few things that you need to give up, as a start, in order to reduce and maintain your weight:

  1. Sugar Drinks

If you don’t want to gain extra weight that later on looks quite awkward in physical looks. Stop drinking sodas. They are heavily filled with sugar. That can be aspartame or sucrose, it increases your appetite. As a matter of fact, sodas are known as the major contributors to obesity.

  1. Sleep on time

Stay up late and depriving yourself from proper sleep can cause weight gain. If you want to sustain you weight, must go to bed at least 15 mins earlier than the normal time. Two hormones, named as ghrelin and leptin are controlled by sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, these hormones cause you to feel hungry and crave for food.

  1. Depriving from protein intake

If you think that eating protein is bad, you are badly mistaken. Protein is essential in losing weight. Start taking 30 gm of protein for your first meal of the day and you will feel that there is considerable reduction on your cravings throughout the day.

  1. Avoiding certain foods

In attempt to lose weight and don’t want to gain anymore, probably you stops eating your favorite foods at all. It looks like a great attempt but doing so actually causes the banned food more appealing for you. So the point is that stop restricting some foods in your diet. You can still enjoy your favorites, but do it very moderately.

  1. Don’t skip meals

Some people thinks that if you skip one meal, you saved yourself from consuming no of calories, so you can have what you want in the meal after. This isn’t going to work for weight loss at all. The hormones, named as leptin and ghrelin as mentioned earlier, cooperates well with you if you keep yourself fed properly every four hours. Otherwise you will experience a spike on hunger and then you might overeat.

So staying slim and slender is not all about eating healthy or only exercise/ workout. It’s actually about making a commitment and then living accordingly. If you are making some changes in your diet and daily routine, these changes should remain for your lifetime. On the other hand, you could lose weight presently but when you gets out of you routine, you will again get those extra pound for which you worked very hard earlier to shed down.

Commitment and Consistency is a Key to Achieve your longterm Goals!!!

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