Instant Noodles: No More (Video) !!

Life is so fast now a days that people have no proper time for anything. Everyone is just in hurry to catch up things. In this situation the most important thing that is badly neglected is a person’s health. Since no proper time or schedule for eating so people mostly rely on fast food or the food items, like noodles, that can be instantly cooked and served. People consume these instant foods without being aware of their negative effects on health. This pattern slowly and gradually degrades person health and sometimes when a person get aware of that, it was already too late to regain.

This article is to make people aware about one such food item that can be cooked and served instantly, instant noodles, it becomes quite popular among people of every age, especially among kids, within a last decade or so. Another apparent advantage in addition to the instant cooking is that, they are quite cheap too.

Most people don’t think that noodles are something healthy, or can provides some benefits to health. At the same time they don’t know that instant noodles are also as bad as fast food is for health.

A little experiment was conducted, at Massachusetts General Hospital by Dr. Braden Kuo, to examine how body reacts to the instant noodles.

Surely after watching and getting aware of how body reacts to the instant noodles, you will like to use some other food when you don’t have time and also which is cheaply available. A micro camera was used by Dr. Braden in a digestive tract so that the body’s reaction can be examined when a person consume instant noodles. The results were shocking and for you to believe, you must watch it yourself.

Below is the video of experiment conducted by Dr. Braden, watch it carefully and also share it with your friends, near and dear ones who are fond of eating noodles quite regularly.



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