turning rotten banana to fresh

Transform a Rotten Banana into Fresh One (Video)

Banana is one of the very tasty and liked fruit. It is full of many health benefits. People of every age mostly like to eat this fruit.

Health Benefits of Banana:

Bananas are good for various health problems that a person can have like they are beneficial in case for heart health, depression and mood, digestion and weight loss, Vision, cancer and bones etc.

Health risks

Anything that is consumed in moderation is always good. So is the case with banana, if eaten in moderation, it has no significant side effects or risks. On the other hand if banana is eaten in excess, according to experts, it can trigger headaches and sleepiness mainly because of the amino acids in bananas that dilate the blood vessels.

Overripe banana contains excess amount of those amino acids as compared to the other bananas. The problem of sleepiness, due to the over eating of bananas, is caused due to the high amount of tryptophan found in them.


This article is about a recipe or you may call it a trick by which you can turn the rotten or should say the overriped banana fresh again.

All you need to do this trick is a bag and some rice. Simply put a brown banana in a bag and cover it with rice. Make sure to remove the air out of it. Leave it for one hour…..

Rest of the procedure you can see in the video and you will definitely be amazed.


Omega 30.03g
Omega 60.05g
Trans fat0g



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