body detox through your feet

Body Detox through Your Feet

Over a period of time, as we consume different types of food and sometimes not very hygienic due to the given circumstances. In this situation, our body start accumulating the harmful toxins inside. So it is very important that you detox you body to be healthy always. You can give your body a thorough cleansing by body detox through your feet.

You will easily eliminate dangerous toxins from your body without necessarily excluding certain foods from your daily diet. This form of detoxification is regarded by health and fitness experts as one of the safest body detox method.

Foot detox procedures come in many forms such as foot detox pads as well as detox foot spas. These two are both homemade and electric and using them effectively can help detoxify your body and help you live a healthy life.


The Foot Detox Pads

You can get these pads from any health food store and they are made from tree and bamboo extracts. They are also called foot detox patches and they are of Japanese origin. Putting on the foot detox pads prior to going to bed and wearing them overnight, taking them off only when you wake the next morning will work wonders.

From the first time you use the detox pads you will notice that they are darkened, this is caused by the toxins being removed from your body. Using the pads help to fight joint pains, headaches and fatigue.

Ionic Foot Baths

These are used to detoxify your body by eliminating dangerous toxins from your feet. It works by an electrical process in warm saltwater that generates both negative and positive ions.

This Is How Ion Detox Foot Baths Work

Alternating polarities help to ionize warm saltwater as you relax and breathe easy with your feet soaked in the detox bath. By breathing slowly toxins will get released through your feet and from your body. The toxins released from your feet could be from an accumulation of toxins built up as a direct result of poor eating habits like the frequent eating of saturated fats and processed food.

Toxins also get into our bodies when we breathe in pollutants which build up in our bodies and can be harmful to our well-being overtime. By detoxifying from time to time you can rid yourself of these harmful toxins that can be detrimental to your health.


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