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60 Seconds a Day and You Will Have a Flat Belly.

If you are fit, slim and trim, it will be pretty easy for you to perform your day to day tasks. On the other hand, if you are suffering with obesity, sometimes a simple task becomes a hard challenge to perform. If you are on the heavier side with respect to weight, the most prominent and vulnerable part of your body that gets effected by fats is abdomen. The worst thing is, it also give the hardest challenge to reduce fat and have flat tummy. There are different hard exercises one is reluctant to do to burn fat. But don’t you worry. This article is about to reveal a great thing to you. A 60 second exercise which if you do regularly, you will have a flat belly soon. So fitness experts claimed that this exercise is equivalent to 1000 abs. So you can think of yourself how effective it will be.

Experts named this amazing exercise as “the plank”. It is simple and static exercise which involves putting your full body weight on your hands and toes. You don’t have to move your body in this workout, it will remain still and flat just like a plank.

The regular exercise of this workout will tighten you stomach and make it flat. And another advantage of this exercise is that it will help you get relief from your back pain. If you have a strong stomach and abdominal muscles, they also help in holding your spine effectively.

Instruction to carry out this exercise:

It is very important that you get in to the exact right position.

  1. Put your hands on the floor firmly. Make sure your shoulders are straight and also extend your neck and keep it straight.
  2. The primary focus of this exercise is on abs, you will also feel ‘fire like’ sensation in your legs. If you don’t feel fire in your legs, try to get your feet in such position so that the weight shifts on your toes. This will make you feel tense in your thighs muscles. Now contract the butt muscles so that your lower body muscles get activated.
  3. You must prevent your hips from getting raised up in air. Must maintain a flat position.
  4. Importantly, keep breathing in and out evenly. It will help you in maintaining your position.
  5. A tip to maintain a flat position is that, you should think that a glass of water is placed on your back.
  6. Do this exercise in a set of 3. Gradually your timing to maintain a position will be increased, which is proof that your muscles are getting stronger.

Below is the video demonstration of the exercise that will help you in understanding it more clearly.


Source: http://www.timefornaturalhealthcare.com

Video Source: Passion4Profession

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