Gear Up Your Self For Super ABS Exercise (Video)

If you want to keep yourself completely strong and fit, then only being careful about intake diet is not enough. Being conscious only about diet is good and help you in maintaining your weight and your overall fitness. But if you want to keep yourself young, strong and fit for long term, you have to workout and do exercises along with controlled diet intake. This article is specifically about abs exercise. You will definitely like it.

This exercise is specially for upper body parts which otherwise during standard abdominal exercises are not fully exhausted being used. Total time for this exercise is 15 minutes. So you can see it won’t take much of your time but doing this workout regularly will bring very good change in you and your upper body parts will be very strong. It will burn around 120 calories and strengthen your abdominal muscles.


This exercise program has certain advantages;

  1. For start, you would not need any special equipment
  2. So no weight, no underlays for abdominal exercises
  3. You only need sneakers and short and you are good to go.


Importantly, you dedicate 50 seconds on every exercise and then 10 seconds break.

So are your ready, below is a video showing you the 7 exercises that promise you strong abdominal muscles.

Be Fit & Strong!!!! 

Source :“FitnessBlender” one of the popular channels for exercise

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