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Yeast Bread : Homemade Yummy Recipies

Bread is one the very frequently and commonly used food item at home. It can be used in various different form. Mostly people buy bread from bakeries of plant manufactured breads. This article is about to share few recipes for you, using which you can easily bake your own bread at home and you don’t have to buy it from outside anymore. The best thing about homemade bread is that you can choose the ingredients according to your wishes and liking and as well as it is most hygienic and of course your money is saved as well. Following are few recipes for homemade yeast bread, hope you will like.

It is good to use SAF-INSTANT yeast because you don’t need to activate the yeast in warm water. Use it instead of the active dry yeast or machine bread yeast. As you need to dissolve active dry yeast in warm water first before putting and mixing all ingredients and it will also require more amount of active dry yeast.


  1. Sandwich bread

This yeast bread is made with eggs and butter. It is excellent choice for burger buns or as sandwich bread.

  1. Basic Sourdough Bread

To prepare this yummy tasty yeast bread you only need 4 ingredients: flour, starter, salt and water.

  1. Potato Bread Using Leftover Masher Potatoes

If you want to give wetness to this smooth sandwich yeast bread, you can add a cup of mashed potatoes in it. It will taste great.

  1. Crusty French Bread

This bread can be used for chowders and soups. It can also be used as twists, loaves or eatable bread bowls. It is best to eat it fresh due to its crackly crust. French toasts can also be prepared with the leftovers of this bread.

  1. Duncan`s Meat in a Loaf

Children specially love this wonderful tasty bread. You mix meat and bread in one. Sandwiches can also be prepared for number of people using this type of bread.


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