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Liver Disease: Early Signs to Look For

For leading a healthy life, one must be very careful about physical health. Must have an eye on any indication or symptoms that your body shows because that might be the start of some dangerous disease. Liver is one of the very important organ in a human body. A healthy liver is a guarantee for living a healthy life. You must keep an eye for an early signs of liver disease. If your liver is not functioning properly. Your health and lifestyle will be effected badly. One of the encouraging property of your liver is that it is capable of self-healing. So it’s even more important to have an eye for any early signs of liver malfunctioning and are not allowed to develop further, in that case your liver is likely to self-heal. So you should always needed to be alert regarding your liver health. Mentioned below are few symptoms related to liver disease that one must always lookout for.

  1. Skin sensitivity

sensitive skin

One of the early signs for a problematic liver can be a sensitive skin. At times skin become itchy and oversensitive to touch. In such case one should keep skin moist. But on the other hand if condition continues and deteriorates further. Then you must know this could be due to the liver disease and you should immediately visit your doctor for full diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Jaundice or Skin Discoloration


If your liver is at problem it will not be able to filter out all the toxins that you consume. In addition to that there might be a Bilirubin, a bile pigment, buildup. It is a substance produced by your liver to help in digestion process. Your body might not be able to evacuate this Bilirubin. As a result it will accumulates in bloodstream and results in yellowish color of skin. This condition is normally known as Jaundice.

  1. Abdominal Area Changes

abdominal pain and cramps

You might also feel changes in your abdominal area, these could also be the signs of a liver disease. One might starts feeling pain and cramps in the lower abdominal area. This can quickly be changed into the bloated feeling. If this condition remained unaddressed, Ascites may develop. In this condition the fluid buildup in the abdominal wall. As a result pressure exerted on the lungs that cause you feeling difficulty in breathing problem.

  1. Urine/Stool Color Change

You might color change in you urine/stool while you go to bathroom. If you notice this change consistently, this might be the sign of liver disease. In this condition, one’s urine color is pale more often. You should immediately see your doctor for clinical analysis and proper diagnosis.

  1. Fatigue Feeling

fatigue and tiredness feeling

One of the common signs for a disturbed liver is that one starts experiencing feelings of weakness or tiredness. The reason is, due to problematic liver your body is made to overwork for survival. People with this problem needs more rest. These symptoms might be the sign of your liver at danger so you must properly get it diagnosed.

  1. Appetite Loss

loss of appetite

One of the early signs for liver problem is that you lose your appetite. This sign frequently happens when the liver problem is bit advanced. If you experience appetite loss with any other mentioned symptoms. You should be alarmed it regarding problematic liver. You must immediately see your doctor for treatment.

  1. Retaining Fluids

fluid retention in body

If your body is retaining fluids inside, it could also be the sign of liver disease. You might have feeling of swollen ankles, lower legs and feet.

  1. Diarrhea

Liver plays an important part in digestion process. If your liver is at problem then you might feel the problem in digestion process, this results in diarrhea.

Take very good care of your physical health in order to guide a healthy lifestyle. If you feel any of above mentioned signs in your daily living routine. You should be warned about them as the indication/symptoms of liver disease. You must visit your doctor at earliest for full diagnosis and treatment.


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