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Cancer Destroyer: Use This Miracle Drink Regularly

In order to protect yourself from dangerous and very harmful to health diseases. The best thing is to try to consume alkaline diet. One of the dangerous and most of the times incurable disease, when in advanced stages, is cancer. Alkaline diet helps in treating cancer, in advanced phase, successfully. This article is about a very effective and easily homemade juice which acts as a cancer destroyer. 

The risk of cancer increases due to the consumption of toxic foods, these foods disturbs the balance in the body and becomes the cause for the occurrence of various dangerous diseases. Normally people are fond of eating spicy foods, due to the consumption of such spicy/acidic foods the PH balance of the body is altered that can become the cause of cancer, the good thing about alkaline diet is that cancer cell cannot survive in alkaline environment.

If one consumes green vegetables regularly, it is the quickest way of improving one’s health and kill cancer cell. You should also avoid regular consumption of foods which are high in sugar quantity. Because such foods are also one of the major player in developing cancer. Cancer cells are feed on sugars.

Regular consumption of juice made of green leafy vegetables is the quickest way to improve your health and destroy cancer cells. Your diet focus should be on diets that can improve your overall health and prevents the development of cancer and different other chronic diseases. Such foods include, vegetables, fruits, grains etc. Try to reduce the intake amount of red meat as well as processed meat products.

Below are the ingredients, method of preparation and usage of the cancer destroyer juice.


  1. 3 kale leaves
  2. A handful of spinach
  3. 1 lemon
  4. Half a cup of water


  1. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them well.
  2. You should have a nice homogeneously mixed mixture.

Consumption:One should consume this drink once a day. The best time is to consume it early in the morning on an empty stomach. On the other hand if someone is already diagnosed with cancer. He/she try to consume this juice thrice a day on an empty stomach before each meal. You will feel the pleasant change in your overall health within few days of the regular consumption of this juice.

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