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Want A Flat Stomach??? Dos & Don’ts to Follow Regarding Daily Consumption.

If you want to look smart, appealing and attractive, you have to keep yourself fit and healthy by having those ingredients, which are healthy, in your diet and leaving out those which gives your body less good and more fats. In order to maintain your body mass index (BMI) you must have to follow the following dos and don’ts so that you can have a flat stomach. If you follow these practices regularly, you will easily get rid of bloating problem as well as your abdominal fat will disappear quickly.

  1. Good bye to Processed Food, Refined Sugar, Coffee & Alcohol

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You have to avoid the use of processed food that is a major cause of accumulating fat in your body and thus increasing your weight and the first thing that shows the sign is your fat outward tummy. Quit using coffee and alcohol to get rid of belly fat. If you cannot quit is suddenly, start reducing the quantity you consume. Stop using refined sugar (sometimes known as white poison), it is one of the biggest obstacle in burning fat rather it reinforce the fats accumulation in body. If you cannot live with sweetener, you can start reducing the quantity, rather the best this is to use honey in the place of refined sugar. Myself using honey as sweetener and it really helps in reducing fat as well as long with its other many benefits.

  1. Stop using Dairy Food.

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In order to achieve you desired weight that must be in accordance to your height, you have to sacrifice various things that you love having in your diet. One of those things is milk, yes it is a healthy drink, but you have to avoid it to have a flat stomach. Yogurt can be used in place of milk if you are very much fond of dairy products. Same suggestion here, if you cannot leave the dairy products suddenly then you must start consuming half of the quantity as compared to the one you were using earlier and keep on reducing the quantity. But remember that in that way your fat burning process will be slow and you have to be consistent and patient.

  1. Reduced Salt Consumption

Salt is one of the very important ingredient of our daily food. But if you want to burn your belly fat and lose weight then you have to reduce the usage of salt to minimum. The reason for that, excessive intake of salt retains the water inside your body. So avoid consuming salt as much as you can.

  1. No to Hot Spices

You might often or sometimes feels irritation in stomach, ever thought what the reason is? The spicy food intake is the major reason for that irritation. This is caused by the increased secretion in your stomach that is mainly geared by hot spicy food. So from now on stop using spices in your food.

  1. Stop Carbohydrates Intake

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Belly fat burning process is badly effected by carbohydrates. Stop eating food that contains high quantity of carbohydrates, for example pasta, sweets and bread etc. Prefer for protein rich food.

  1. Consume lots of Fruits

The best food intake during the time you are working on burning your belly fat and lose weight is Fruits. But always be careful in choosing the suitable fruits for weight loss. Prefer some citrus fruits in your diet. Fruits like apple or pears will supply your body with increased amount of fructose which will slow downs the metabolism process so your body will take more time to burn fat.

Simply follow the above mentioned suggestions regarding your diet intake and have your desired weight. But remember totally relying on a controlled diet is a short-term weight loss process, it will reduce your weight but when again you starts consuming normal diet, the fats will come back. So the ideal thing is to follow the above mentioned guidelines regarding diet intake and in parallel also have some exercises and you will have a flat stomach in no time for long-term.


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