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Skin Tags Problem: Easy & Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid Off.

Skin tags are quite a weird and awkward looking problem that some people suffer from. What skin tag actually is? This is a skin growth or you can say the extra skin growth as it is combined in the form of warts and are visible clearly. They can grow anywhere all over the body but mostly they are seen on areas like neck, armpits etc. Skin tags are not attributed to some specific skin type, anyone is prone to this. People who tend to have lost weight normally left with extra skin that is one of the cause of growing skin tags, as well as people who are overweight have more chances to have skin tags on their body. Middle age woman or the ones in pregnancy also have tendency to grow skin tags. The precise reason for growing skin tags is not clear but it is said as a result of some scientific research that they may be caused due to the hormonal disorder or can say the excessive hormonal growth. Insulin resistance and chronic irritations may also be the reasons for growth of skin tags.

If we talk about any harmful effects of skin tags that one can have on health, the answer is no, skin tags does not affect health in any way. People who have skin tags grown on their skin only want to get rid of these tags as it looks bad and they make ones personality unattractive and awkward. People ignore these skin tags if they are small in size and not easily noticeable, but if they grow bigger in size then they can be noticed from distance and looks unpleasing. If you visit some skin specialist for treatment/ removal of skin tags the most commonly used method is a surgery that can cause pain and who knows some other complication long with spending big amounts on the procedure. Instead of going for such costly and painful procedures, there are some remedies which can easily and cheaply be prepared at home to be used for removing skin tags. Below are the details of some of those remedies.

  1. Using Nail Polish

 Nail polish is quite commonly available at home as females use is quite often to give different attractive colors to their nails. It is also very affective in helping to remove skin tags. You can take any good quality nail polish and apply a good coat of it on your skin tag. Do this 2 to 3 times a day and continue the procedure for about 2 weeks. You will see that nail polish dry put your skin and hardens the tag and becomes sort of dead skin and in 2 weeks’ time it will fall off itself. If your tag is bigger in size as compared to the normal mole then you have to this procedure about for a month and it will work. But remember that this remedy is not suggested for facial area, private areas or any skin part which is sensitive.

  1. Castor Oil with Baking Soda

 Another good remedy that can be prepared easily at home is by preparing the mixture of castor oil and baking soda. Take 2 portions of baking soda and mix it well with one portion of castor oil. Apply the thick amount of mixture on the skin tag. Do this exercise twice or thrice a day till you get your desired results. What this mixture actually do to the skin tag, for removing a skin tag one has to dehydrate and dried out a skin tag area until it falls of as a dead skin, this mixture exactly does this to the tag. This is also the safest way as compared to pulling, plucking or scratching it with force out of your skin.

  1. Tying a Skin Tag

 Another easy and common remedy for removal of skin tag is by tying it. You can tie around the skin tag with a thread of a dental floss or if the horse-tail hair is easily available to you. Trying around a skin tag tightly using any of the mentioned things shall reduce and eventually cut off the blood circulation to it and the tag area will be dried and fall off as a dead skin in few days.

Above are mentioned few home remedies for removal of skin tags in easy and cheap ways without undergoing any sort of surgery and spending big amount of money. Important thing to note here is that you should be aware of your skin type and if you have any sort of allergies to the above mentioned ingredients. Other than that these remedies are very easy and effective to cure this problem.

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