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Heart Attack:: Pay Attention To The Different Symptoms Your Body Showing. This Way Heart Problem Can Be Predicted Well In Time Before It Happens!!!

Heart attack is one of the common medical problem, mostly older people seems to be suffered by it, but it’s a necessary and it can happen to any person in any age due to different reasons. Whenever one feels a heavy pressure in the chest, it is the best known symptom of a heart attack. Many people may be scared of that if they ever had that sort of pressure, but you might do not know that a one-third of the heart patients do not actually feel pain in the chest at all. The thing is that pain/ pressure in the chest could be one of the symptom for heart attack but it is not the only symptom.

If you do not know at all about the other symptoms or even if you know about them but you are neglecting due lack of knowledge, as thinking of pain and pressure in chest could only be the serious sign, due to that patients arrive late in hospital and as a result things could have get worse due to that delay. Some strokes are sudden and strong, while some are happening slowly, with mild pain and uncomfortable feeling. As a result people often are not sure what is wrong, so they wait and do not require medical attention on time.

Heart attack rarely happens out of the blue although many think otherwise. Specifically, days, weeks or even months before the attack the body tries to warn earlier.

Hair condition can warn you in a way as a heart attack symptom:

It can contain high levels of the cortisol hormone, and it may be an indication of a forthcoming heart attack! Usually with blood, urine and saliva test the levels of cortisone are measured, but the hair is different – as it grows at a fast rate, 5-6 inch strand could show a longer period of increased stress levels. So from 56 subjects who had a previous heart attack one study examined hair strands, and the results were compared to hair samples from men who didn’t suffer a heart attack, but had problems with other diseases.

Unfortunately, it may already be too late to prevent death or permanent damage to the heart when you realize that you have a heart attack. A long concern for cardiovascular expert Chauncey Qrendi are the so-called silent heart attack, with signs and symptoms that are moderate or seem unrelated to heart.

Four different symptoms/ signs that Chauncey Qrendi talked about are:

  1. Chest pain

Although chest pain is not always the symptom of heart attack. One can feel pain in neck, arms, back and sometimes in jaws.

  1. Sweating and nausea
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Problematic stomach

One should know the basic for the different kind of symptoms related to heart attack other than pain/pressure in the chest. Do not take things lightly and if ever you feel your body showing such signs, do not ignore or neglect, pay attention and consult your doctor as soon as possible so that it can be properly diagnosed and cured. Ignorance in such cases can cause the serious damage to heart or at worst case it can cost one’s life.

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Take Very Good Care of Your Heart!!!!!

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