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Canary Seed: Can Cure Diabetes, Help in Losing Weight Along With Many Other Health Benefits.

Normally canary seed is used as bird fee, but nutritionally it contains amino acids, enzymes so human being can and should consume it as well. It is very rich in lipase enzyme that helps improving digestive process/system. Fat cells are also broken down with this enzyme and in that way their absorption through intestines is accelerated. This enzyme also is very effective in reducing celiac disease symptoms. Some of the nutritional and healthy benefits of this birdseed are as follows:

  1. It gives you a very refreshing effect.
  2. Act nicely as an antioxidant so as a result aging process is slowed down and tighten the skin as well.
  3. Works effectively against cellulite.
  4. Helps in preventing diabetes as well as regenerates pancreas.
  5. It helps in eliminating the excess fluids from human body and more importantly it helps in boosting the kidney enzymes.
  6. The protein present in this seed are very easy to digest and less harmful for human body.
  7. It has ability to recharge enzymes.
  8. It can be used appetizer
  9. It helps in preventing arteriosclerosis
  10. It can help with abdominal toning
  11. The enzymes in these seeds act as a natural remedy. They reduce the swelling of internal organs, like: kidneys, liver and pancreas
  12. It is quite rich in various types of vegetable proteins.
  13. It helps with stomach ulcers, gastritis, edema, gout.
  14. It helps with obesity and bloating.
  15. It’s very effective in treating high blood pressure
  16. Contains emollient properties.
  17. It is quite helpful in lowering the cholesterol level (LDL) as well as in losing weight.
  18. It helps against inflammation by treating cirrhosis as it increases the number of hepatocytes.
  19. As mentioned above, it is rich in lipase enzyme, which helps in burning fats that damage the veins.
  20. It’s effective against kidney and bladder problems, because it kills the bacteria in the urinary tract.

Recipe to prepare and Use:

  •  Put 5 table spoons of birdseed in water and leave them overnight. Strain the water in the morning and blend the seeds. Add soy milk and/or some fruits blend them again. For better taste you can add some honey as well.
  • This resulting drink or shake is very healthy and it will give you lot of energy for the whole day. You can have it at night as well before going to bed but it should be warm while consuming at that time.

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy!!!!!!

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